Thursday, September 24, 2009


Just dropping in for an update. Life is still CRAZY busy. I'm so exhausted that sometimes I feel like I'm turning into a mindless robot that does what it needs to do on auto pilot. However, there is an up side which is that I'm making enough money to pay the bills and of course my 20% discount off of sales prices at JC.Penney's.

My mom has been here visiting since September 16th. I believe she will be going home October 6th. That will be a very hard day for me. She has been so incredibly helpful with the kids and supporting me and John in the midst of all this chaos.

John is doing great in school. The math seems to be easy for him. Chemistry, he has to work a little harder at. History is not hard, just time consuming with all the reading and papers he has to write. and English seems to be a breeze.

My birthday was September 20th. I can't believe I'm 24 now. My mom threw me a little party and John's dad and step mom and Aunt Cathy came over for dinner. It was really nice. I really enjoyed seeing everyone. I miss my sister in laws Debra and Erin and friends from the moms group so much.

I have a short break from work today from 9am to 2pm. I am busy cleaning the house for Thomas' party this weekend and also the arrival of my godmother today.

Thomas has a birthday on Sunday. My baby is going to be 4! We are having a family birthday party for him on Saturday evening. I have to work all day Saturday so John, My mom, and my godmother are going to be putting the party together and then hopefully I will make it to the party before everyone goes home!

I think that is everything for now. Drop me a line on face book. I miss you all. Sorry is this blog seems scattered. Its always rush, rush, rush these days. Off to do laundry and more tidying before back to work. xoxoxoxo

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Got a minute to catch everyone up to date.

Right after I wrote my last blog both employers called me within 20 minutes of each other to schedule my training. I am now working in the Mens department at JCP in the Chesapeake Square mall and at North Shore Elementary school in Suffolk with a program called Champions: A before and after school program that partners with the Suffolk and Norfolk public schools. My schedule is CRAZY. I'm busy pretty much every day of the week all day long. If I'm not working at one job, I'm at the other and at night I'm off from both of my jobs but spending time with the boys while John is at School.
Speaking of school, today was Thomas' first day of Pre-k. Of course I was at work when Thomas got on the bus this morning :0( ... but John took pictures.

John got Nathan dressed and they met Thomas at school to make sure he got there ok and everything was fine. The cafeteria lady gave Nathan a pop-tart for breakfast while they were waiting for Thomas. When the bus got there John said Thomas walked into the classroom, hung his book bag up and got right to work playing with play dough. John gave him a hug and kiss goodbye and left and Thomas was OK with that.
I'm SO proud of my BABY. He is growing up SO quickly! You don't realize how fast the time is going until you reach one of these milestones and it reminds you just how much time has really passed. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I can't wait for Thomas to get home and tell me everything about his first day of school!

I feel like Life is a balancing act right now and I'm still trying to get in the groove of things, but overall life is good.