Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thumbs up!

I think things are going smoothly. I got John's DD214 faxed off to the V.A. We are just waiting to here back from them to find out what happens next with his post 9/11 GI bill.

There are only 4 main things that need to be done now:

1-John needs to take the compass test to place him into his math and English classes.

2-We need to go to the college financial aid office and give them a few more papers before
we find out if we qualify to get any money from the federal student aid program.

3-John needs to enroll in classes.

4-I need to find a job to start in August.

Friday, May 15, 2009

knots in my tummy, but its ok.

I have knots in my tummy thinking about the changes that are going to occur in just a couple short months. Change always makes me super nervous. Everything in our lives has always just fallen together and I have to keep telling myself that this will too. Although I'm nervous, I'm also excited. John going to school is such a important step. John and I both want to better ourselves so that our children can reap the benefits down the road. I think John is going to do very well in college. He is amazingly smart and I think he is a lot more motivated these days than he was in high school. I think going to school is going to be good for him. He will finally feel like he is working towards a goal where he can see the end and know what rewards are waiting for him when he finishes. We all feel better when we feel like we have a purpose and we are working hard for something that will pay off in the end. Getting a job is going to be good for me as well. I am hoping it will give me an opportunity to re-discover who I am, on my own, without my children attached to my hip. I enjoy straight forward, hard work, with fairly instant gratification. I think I will definitely find that at my job. I'm thinking of applying for waitressing. I think I would be good at it. I have a fairly charming personality and I don't mind running around and working hard when I know it is going to pay off at the end of the day. I also think the hours would work well with my lifestyle as a wife and a mom. Anyway enough about the future. Right now my job is to watch these boys and they are wanting my attention.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No such luck

Spent a long time yesterday trying to get the scanner to work. No such luck. Now on to plan B...I just wish I knew what plan B is! John says its buying a new scanner, but nothing is wrong with my old scanner! The computer just won't recognize the drive and something about TWAIN, Blah, blah, blah. I don't know, its a language I don't speak! I'm probably going to have to get a copy of the form and send it snail mail :0( I can tell you one thing for sure; I am not spending half of another nice day inside trying to make the scanner work and making zero progress. I'm off to the park with my boys.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


So feeling inspired by my own blog yesterday I decided to give the forms that needs to be filled out another shot. Come to find out I've been filling out forms requesting compensation and pension-neither of which John is eligible for! I was actually happy to figure this out because the form that I actually needed to fill out was MUCH shorter and easier! I was wondering why the V.A. wanted to know about John's exposure to mustard gas in order to go to college.... I got the form finished but then I was suppose to attach John's dd214 to the form before submitting it... Of course the scanner wouldn't work! So now I am at my next bump in the road and hoping that today I will have some luck fixing the scanner so I can finally submit this form!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Holy cow!

I'm officially Overwhelmed. I have a lot of responsibilities resting on my shoulders in order to ensure a smooth transition from our current way of life to our new way of life in August. There is so much "stuff" to do. Most of it is stuff that I have to do for John. The majority of the stuff has to do with financial aid and the GI bill. There is all this paper work that has to be filled out and submitted. The questions make no sense and are a complete and total nuisance in every sense of the word... I should have known that anything to do with the military would be nothing but a nuisance, I only experienced that for five years. Not to mention that it is extremely difficult to concentrate on important documents when you have a three year old and a one year old running around. I can't work on it during nap time because I can't get the boys to nap at the same time and I have a difficult time working on it at night after they both are asleep because John has the internet and its online forms that need to be filled out. A lot of this stuff has deadlines so I am going to have to pull it together and find a way to get it done...even if it drives me crazy.

John's School Count Down