Monday, August 31, 2009

Down day

Oh man, where to begin. John and I have both been un-employed for a full month now. It hasn't been that bad. We've had a lot of fun just spending quality time with the boys. However, I'm starting to freak out now because I don't see the end of the unemployment and the beginning of an income finally coming in again anywhere in site! I supposedly have gotten 2 part time jobs, but neither has called me back to let me know when training starts and I interviewed with both of them 2 weeks ago. It only takes 5 days for the background check to go through so I don't understand what is taking so long. I'm starting to get worried that they changed their mind about hiring me. I've heard over and over again that persistance is the key to getting a job. So I've made calls to both employers. No I'm just waiting for a call back.
I found out that with the GI Bill giving us a housing allowance and the pell grant giving John a little bit of money each semester to go to school John and I don't qualify for medicaid. Sorry, but I personally feel like that is ridiculous. My expectations may be too high but I feel like my husband is deserving of more than what he is getting after everything he has been through and done for our country. Oh well, I guess its going to be another year for us without health insurance. The good news is the boys do qualify for medicaid! So atleast we don't have to worry about them.

School is going well for John. So far, so good. Speaking of school Thomas has orientation in only 2 days. I'm nervous for him, but mostly just excited. He seems to be starting to accept the idea of going to school. He's come leaps and bounds from a few months ago when we started talking about school. At that time he told us "I'm not going to school, I already know everything I need to know from my science books". I think his change in attitude mostly had to do with the fact that daddy started going to school and Thomas doesn't mind doing anything that follows in daddys footsteps.

I guess thats all thats going on for the moment.